International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP)


The seventh International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP) will take place on the 23-25th of August 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The key focus of this conference will be on the role that traffic and transport psychology can play in achieving a safe and sustainable transport system. In order to prevent serious consequences of road accidents, it is therefore essential for the infrastructure, and the vehicles they carry, to be adapted to match the capabilities of the people that use them.

The program is now available and contains contributions of the following SWOV-researchers: Agnieszka StellingMichelle Doumen and Ragnhild Davidse.

  • Agnieszka Stelling will present 'The road safety implications of speed pedelecs' in a session on vulnerable road users (1.2.2-05).
  • Ragnhild Davidse will take part in the panel in special session 2.4.2 on the Safe System Approach and also present 'Scenarios of accidents involving mobility scooters' in a session on accidents (3.5.2-03).
  • Michelle Doumen/Willem Vlakveld: will present 'Texting while the smartphone is in a dashboard mount' in a session on attention (3.6.1-05).

Registration is now open.