How is the number of road deaths distributed across different modes of transport, age groups and gender?


Figure 3 shows the 2021 shares of road deaths by their mode of transport at the time of the crash. Most fatalities occurred among cyclists (36%) and car occupants (30%). Powered two-wheelers (a total of 17%) are the third largest group; slightly more than half of them being motorcyclists, the rest being (light) moped riders (including microcars or speed pedelecs). In 2021, 7% of the road deaths were pedestrians, 5% riders of mobility scooters and 2% a truck or delivery van occupant. The mode of transport of 2% of the road deaths is either ‘other mode of transport’ or ‘unknown’.


Figure 3. Road deaths in the Netherlands in 2021, by mode of transport. *The category (light) mopeds also includes microcars and speed pedelecs. Source: CBS StatLine (Road Death Statistics).

Figure 4 shows the age distribution of the road deaths in 2021. Most road deaths (117; 20%) involved people aged 80 or over, followed by people in their 70s (103; 18%). What is generally known about the risks of older road users can be found in SWOV fact sheet Older road users. In addition, the number of older people in the entire population is also relevant. The number of road deaths among children and youngsters under 15 years old was lowest (17; 3%).

In 2021, 73% of the road deaths were males, 27% females.


Figure 4. Road deaths in the Netherlands in 2021, by age group. Source: CBS StatLine (Road Death Statistics).

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Road deaths in the Netherlands

In 2021, there were 582 road deaths in the Netherlands. Although this number is again lower than in previous years, it is not the lowest number up Meer

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