How does the number of serious road injuries in the Netherlands compare to that in other countries?


Casualties are reported in many different ways in different countries. Definitions and report rates vary, which makes international comparison difficult. For years, the European Commission has been striving for a harmonised definition, based on road crash casualties with MAIS3+ injuries. After the Dutch 2020 targets for the number of serious road injuries, with a definition of MAIS2+ severity, had expired, the Netherlands also adopted the definition in which serious road injuries should at least have a MAIS3 severity. Quite a number of countries encounter problems in collecting the necessary data (police and hospital data) and performing the required data editing to determine the number of serious road injuries (MAIS3+). In 2014, the European Commission did give a first-time estimate of the number of serious road injuries in Europe: 135,000 [26].

Also at a European level, research is done on MAIS3+ casualties. In 2016, the report Study on serious road traffic injuries in the EU [27], was published, which focuses on data and circumstances of the crashes of MAIS3+ casualties among pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and car occupants. The EU-project SafetyCube investigated the differences in methods used in countries to determine their numbers of MAIS3+ casualties, and how these methods affect the estimated numbers [28]. This EU project also studied the injury consequences [29] and the societal costs of serious road injuries [30].

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Serious road injuries in the Netherlands

In 2021, the number of serious road injuries in the Netherlands was estimated at 6,800. This is similar to the number in 2020, but lower than was to Meer

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