Education and training for drivers of assisted and automated vehicles.

Regan, M.A. Prabhakharan, P. Wallace, P. Cunningham, M.L. & Bennett, J.M.

This report documents the outcomes of research designed to: * examine what role, if any, registration and licensing authorities should undertake to ensure that licence applicants are competent in the use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS; SAE Levels 0-2) and automated driving features (ADF; SAE Level 3); * determine whether there is a need to review the current driver licensing framework to address gaps (perceived or real) in driver competency when operating these systems and features. The study involved a literature review, stakeholder consultations, a training needs analysis and an assessment of key issues specified by Austroads. It concluded that registration and licensing authorities have a potential role to play in the learning and assessment of the use of ADAS/ADF by light and heavy vehicle drivers, but that there is no need to review the current driver licensing framework; however, research and crash data in relation to ADAS/ADF should be monitored to identify if future changes are justified. Options for specific learning and assessment initiatives are proposed. (Author/publisher)


20200159 ST [electronic version only]

Sydney, NSW, AUSTROADS, 2020, X + 129 p., ref.; AUSTROADS Research Report AP-R616-20 - ISBN 978-1-925854-94-7

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