FERSI position paper: Safety through automation? Ensuring that automated and connected driving contribute to a safer transportation system

Anund, A.; Lindström, A.; Schagen, I. van; Linder, A.

In 2018, the Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI) published a report on automated driving (AD) from a road safety point of view, prepared by a dedicated FERSI Working Group with experts from eleven European countries. The group identified 23 high priority concerns or questions, clustered into four categories, to ensure that connected AD and co-operative ITS successfully contribute to a smart, green, and integrated transport system which at the same time is a safe transport system. The discussions resulted in ten principles to be fulfilled in order to optimise the safety effects of AD. Even if these principles may seem straightforward, the underlying questions are complex, and the identification and realisation of cost-efficient and effective solutions will require considerable effort. Many strong industrial and political driving forces exist, but so far improving road safety seems to get insufficient priority. FERSI therefore recommends a number of focused actions.

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Rethinking transport - Towards clean and inclusive mobility, 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020, Helsinki, Finland. Conference cancelled


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