Project dissemination plan

Deliverable 2.3 of the H2020 project SafetyCube
Thomson, R.; Hagström, L.; Skogsmo, I.; Talbot, R.; Thomas, P.; Houtenbos, M.; Yannis, G.; Laiou, A.; Durso, C.; Elvik, R.; Etienne, V.; Hermitte, T.; Kaiser, S.; Leskovsek, B.; Niewöhner, W.; Perez, C.; Usami, D.; Verhoeven, V.; Vázquez-de-Prada, J.; et

The dissemination plan for SafetyCube is presented in this report. This plan will guide the information flow in the remainder of the project. A final dissemination report will be provided at the end of the project to document how the project interacted with the stakeholders of road safety.

Stakeholders are grouped into different groups reflecting their influence on the project. A core group will be used to solicit advice for the project members. An exended stakeholder group is identified as mandatory targets for spreading the information. Additional audience members for the project can be recruited using the website and email.

A graphic profile for the project has been developed and reported in a previous deliverable (D2.2). This is used to provide a consistent appearance for the SafetyCube project in terms of reports, presentations, posters, and the webpage.

The partners are experienced in disseminating research results and a number of conferences, journals, and workshops have been identified for spreading the SafetyCube results as well as soliciting needs from the stakeholders. SafetyCube will host its own workshop series using the stakeholder network as an invitation list. Smaller thematic workshops will be held in consultation with the technical WP leaders. Two larger, project wide, workshops will be organised at the midterm and end of the project to lift the visibility of the project.

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