Risk and Exposure Data - Recommendations for collection and exploitation

Deliverable D2.5 of the EU FP6 project SafetyNet
Duchamp, G.; Treny, V.; Hemdorff, S.; Haddak, M.; Hollo, P.; Cardoso, J.; Papadimitriou, E.; Yannis, G.; Chaziris, A.; Bijleveld, F.; Bjørnskau, T.; Leitner, T.

This report is the conclusion of the activities of Work package 2 of the SafetyNet project, which explored road safety risk exposure data.

In previous work, Risk Exposure Data appeared as a fundamental need for road safety policy makers and researchers, in order to determine if a given road safety issue is a local (national or regional) problematic, or an issue shared by all EU countries.

However, WP2 work highlighted several complementary needs in order to make RED use optimal:

  • Need of data harmonisation
  • Need of improvements and quality controls
  • Need of new harmonised data,
  • Need of harmonised existing, and new, collection methods

As a progressive answer, the present report gives firstly a set of general recommendations for all people involved in road safety, from policy makers to experts of the domain, dealing firstly with existing data to enlarge its matter to new data.

Moreover, it focuses on specific recommendations for data collection and use, in order to draw the general framework of a future road safety observatory, namely ERSO, which should, as far as benchmarking of different geographical areas may be compared, take into account risk exposure data indicators:

  • Population
  • Driver population
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Road length
  • Vehicle-kilometres
  • Three traffic and mobility exposure data : person-kilometres, number of trips and time in traffic
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European Commission, Brussels


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