Safer roads in Chad

Recommendations for low-cost road safety measures in Chad
Sluis, Jan van der
In the framework of the National Transport Support Project, SWOV provided local experts in Chad with technical assistance on road safety. The assistance focussed on the development of a comprehensive road safety strategy and physical road safety improvements on urban and inter-urban roads. The problem identification was based on the analysis of incompatibilities in the function, shape and use of roads. Based on this analysis, the following measures were advised: -Roads should be categorised to make their function self-explanatory. -Network planning should be introduced and ring roads for transit traffic should be provided. -Cross sections of roads should be improved. Low cost measures were provided for separation of motorised traffic and vulnerable road users. -Safe intersection design needs attention. Standard intersection designs were given for common intersection types in Chad. Low cost improvements of unsafe intersection designs were provided. -Traffic calming measures need to be taken to improve road safety. -Since inter-urban roads run through a great deal of villages, the design of urban sections of inter-urban roads needs special attention. A different design of T-junctions, the splitting up of roads into two one-way roads and the introduction of speeds humps are effective measures.
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