Study on driver training, testing and medical fitness

Final report
Helman; S.; Vlakveld, W.; Fildes, B.; Oxley, J.; Fernández-Medina, K.; Weekley, J.

Improving the education and training of road users in Europe through a range of training, testing and licensing approaches is an important strategic objective of the Commission’s “Policy Orientations on road safety 2011-2020”. Another is the protection of vulnerable road users, especially motorcyclists and also older drivers. The Policy Orientation document outlines the promotion of a wide approach across Member States which views education and training, licensing, testing and medical fitness as part of a road safety strategy which operates across the lifespan. The intention is that measures are in place to ensure that all drivers and riders (whether young or old, novice or experienced) are protected as well as possible. The project described in this report supports the Policy Orientation by providing a review of evidence of key topics, with recommendations based on this evidence, and a consideration of implementation opportunities and barriers.

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