Facts & figures

SWOV's knowledge is public and is shared with whoever can use this knowledge professionally. The SWOV-website is becoming more and more important for knowledge dissemination.

Facts & Figures on the website brings you to the SWOV Fact sheets which give brief answers to questions about important traffic and safety topics. This option also leads you to (information about) the road safety data that SWOV has at its disposal. 

The SWOV website now presents a substantial part of its available data in graphs, tables and fact sheets using the 'Qlik Analytics Platform'. This allows you to get started right away with the available data and make your own selections. 

In the video below you can see which types of questions SWOV’s road safety data can help answer. 

Annual report 2018

  1. Introduction
  2. SWOV in 2018
    Facts & Figures
    Special announcements
  3. Organization
    Organization diagram
    Personnel and organization
         - Supervisory board
         - Program Advisory board 
         - Scientific Advisory Board 
  4. Financial statements
    Financial summary