Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are defined here as vehicle-based intelligent safety systems which could improve road safety in terms of crash avoidance, crash severity mitigation and protection and post-crash phases. ADAS can, indeed, be defined as integrated in-vehicle or infrastructure based systems which contribute to more than one of these crash-phases. For example, intelligent speed adaptation and advanced braking systems have the potential to prevent the crash or mitigate the severity of a crash. This text discusses a variety of measures that are being promoted widely as ADAS, e-Safety or active safety measures, the knowledge about which is gradually evolving, including information on the costs and benefits of such measures. (Author/publisher)

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20190197 ST [electronic version only]

Brussels, European Commission / European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO), 2016, 38 p., ref.

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