Data protection at SWOV: ISO certification and GDPR

SWOV is very keen on carefully handling information to properly carry out its work and to fulfil its mission. That is why SWOV has been certified since September 2019 according to the standards ISO27001 (general standard for information security) and NEN7510 (Dutch standard for information security in healthcare). In addition, SWOV naturally complies with the legal requirements set for adequate protection of personal data in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By meeting the international information security standards, SWOV wants to underline its quality awareness. Secure processing of data sources, including confidential information such as personal data and special personal data, is anchored in its policy cycle. In short: data is in good hands at SWOV.

ISO certified

SWOV is ambitious when it comes to the quality of its core activities. What SWOV claims is well-researched and well-founded. Basis for this good reputation is the way in which SWOV processes information. SWOV complies with the international information security standard ISO27001 to emphasize its quality awareness.

SWOV also complies with the Dutch information security standard for health care derived from ISO27001: NEN7510. This is an important requirement of parties that process healthcare data. By also complying with NEN7510, SWOV can carry out in-house research with medical data from, for example, hospitals and ambulance services.


SWOV is committed to protecting the privacy of its website visitors and users of SWOV services and products to ensure that their personal data are held securely and treated with the utmost care. SWOV therefore complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . SWOV values a clear and transparent privacy policy. SWOV has thus appointed a data protection officer responsible for data processing. Should you have a complaint or suggestion, please mail to

The privacy statement explains how SWOV gathers and handles your personal information.

ISO certificates