In-depth research: insight in the development of crashes

SWOV's in-depth research gives insight in the factors and circumstances that play a role in the occurrence of certain types of crashes and the resulting injuries.

What is our approach?

The SWOV-team for in-depth research studies crashes immediately after they have occurred. The team inspects the location of the crash and the vehicles that were involved, and interviews the road users that were involved. The detailed information that is collected in this way is then combined with the information provided by police and hospitals. This data set is used to determine how the crash has occurred. We describe the process leading up to the crash for each crash that is studied.

After having studied various crashes of the same type, we compare the crash processes. This provides insight in the measures that can be taken to prevent future crashes.

Current projects

  • In-depth investigation of bicycle-car collisions on 30km/h-roads
  • In-depth investigation of crashes involving motorcycles