About SWOV

At SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, it is our mission to use knowledge from scientific research to contribute to safer road traffic.

SWOV helps answer questions policymakers and other road traffic professionals are confronted with. SWOV is a non-profit organization. Most of SWOV's research is made possible by public funds.

SWOV works for decentralised and semi-governments. But also consulting firms, companies and international clients use our research experience, such as the European Union.


SWOV is independent with respect to its knowledge and research findings. A programme advisory board and a scientific advisory board advise us about our programming and the quality of our research. This research is typically interdisciplinary and always undergoes quality evaluation.


SWOV-knowledge is public knowledge. SWOV develops fact sheets and reports to provide you with brief, clear and substantiated answers to road safety questions. Read more about our research, scientific articles and books which SWOV-researches contributed to on our website.


SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research

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