Advancing sustainable safety : National Road Safety Outlook for 2005-2020.

Wegman, F.C.M. & Aarts, L.T. (eds.)

Advancing Sustainable Safety: National Road Safety Outlook for 2005-2020 is the follow-up to Naar een duurzaam veilig wegverkeer [Towards sustainably safe road traffic] (Koornstra et al., 1992). Advancing Sustainable Safety is a critique of Sustainable Safety. In this advanced version, adaptations have been made, where necessary, based on what we have learned from our first steps towards sustainably safe road traffic. The vision has also been updated in line with new insights and developments. This book is not a policy document. However, elements of the advanced concept could be further developed in the future, and could provide inspiration for the policy agenda of all levels of government, the private sector and civic society, etc. Every chapter provides many recommendations and possible leads for future road safety policy. The comprehensive exposition of Sustainable Safety starts with a section comprising theoretical backgrounds and analyses. Firstly, there is a chapter with general theoretical backgrounds to the Sustainable Safety vision (Chapter 1), followed by analyses of road safety problems in the Netherlands (Chapter 2). The final chapter of Part I (Chapter 3) discusses an evaluation of what has been learned during a decade of Sustainable Safety about implementation and the effects of measures based on that vision. Part II and III discuss the elaboration in the content of the advanced Sustainable Safety vision. Part II focuses on various types of measures in the field of infrastructure (Chapter 4), vehicles (Chapter 5), Intelligent Transport Systems (Chapter 6), education (Chapter 7) and regulation and enforcement directed at road user behaviour (Chapter 8). Part III focuses on specific problem areas or groups within road safety. These are identified as speed management (Chapter 9), drink and drug driving (Chapter 10), young and novice drivers (Chapter 11), cyclists and pedestrians (Chapter 12), motorized two-wheelers (Chapter 13) and heavy goods vehicles (Chapter 14). The book is concluded with a fourth part that sets out in one chapter (Chapter 15) implementation aspects and opportunities to advance Sustainable Safety.


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Leidschendam, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2006, 215 p., 484 ref. - ISBN-10 90-807958-7-9 / ISBN-13 978-90-807958-7-7

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