Analysis of Swedish and Dutch accident data on cyclist injuries in cyclist-car collisions

Leo, C.; Klug, C.; Ohlin, M,; Bos, N.M.; Davidse, R.J.; Linder, A.

Objective: To reduce the number of severe injuries sustained by cyclists in crashes with vehicles, it is important to understand which kinds of injuries are occurring to identify what should be assessed by means of virtual testing.
Method: A detailed analysis of injuries was made based on Swedish and Dutch accident data. The most frequently injured body regions and the most frequent single injuries of these body regions were analysed.
Results: Cyclists most frequently injured their heads, upper and lower extremities, and bone fractures as well as brain injuries were identified as one of the most important injuries.
Conclusions: For the virtual assessment of cyclist protection, injury predictors for long bone, skull and pelvic fractures as well as brain injuries are required in Human Body Models.

Published in
Traffic Injury Prevention
20 (sup2)

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