First aid training for drivers

Goldenbeld, Ch.; Weijermars, W.

In various European countries, first aid training is obligatory for commercial drivers and in some countries for all drivers. First aid from bystanders may reduce the likelihood of death after a road crash. In developing countries with limited trauma care facilities and long transport times to hospitals, the presence of first aid-trained volunteers may be more critical.

An effect of first aid training for drivers on mortality resulting from traffic accidents has not been found. There are studies which indicate that first aid training improves first aid knowledge, skills and self-confidence. Moreover, having been trained in first aid appears to improves the odds of someone actually delivering first aid at an accident scene. It has been shown that first aid training is more effective if the training is targeted more at skills than knowledge, and if it is repeated over time.

Published in
European Road Safety Decision Support System, developed by the H2020 project SafetyCube
European Commission, Brussels

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