Self-reported behaviours and attitudes of young European drivers

An analysis of SARTRE-2 results in the framework of PROMISING
Goldenbeld, Dr. Ch.
In the European project ‘SARTRE', a representative survey of drivers was conducted in fifteen European countries. SARTRE stands for 'Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe'. One of the aims of SARTRE was to monitor car drivers' changes in opinions, attitudes and norms over time. Five years after the first survey, the survey was held again. The new project was named ‘SARTRE2'. This report contains analysis of part of the SARTRE-2 data for the special purpose of the European Union research project PROMISING. This analysis answers the question of how European car drivers of different age groups differ in their self-reported behaviours and attitudes towards risk, and in their opinions about road safety measures
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18 + 30
SWOV, Leidschendam

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