SWOV-Contributions to the Annual Report concerning WP 31.2, WP 31.3 and WP 31.4.

Heijer, Ir. T. ; Lindeijer Drs. J.E. ; Oppe, Drs. S.
The accident review is meant to detect specific types of problems that resulted in accidents, which could possibly have been prevented if the drivers had been warned in time by a telematic warning system. This accident review was planned for all three Incident Warning Systems that are part of the HOPES Evaluation study: PORTICO, EURO-TRIANGLE and MELYSSA. In the EURO-TRIANGLE project the experimental section is part of the Antwerp ring road system just before the Kennedy tunnel, going in the direction of the centre of Antwerp. The PORTICO system is or will be implemented on a mountain road and a motorway. The last one is located before a toll-station just outside Lisbon. The MELYSSA location is situated on the north-south motorway A6 in the neighbourhood of Lyon. Two parallel roads, the RN6 and the D933, are relevant as re-routing alternatives. The accident review focusses attention to the causes of those accidents that could have been prevented if correct information about the situation at hand had been given in time. Outcomes of the review were supposed to give information about the causes of the accidents that could be used to focus the attention in the behavioural study at particular problems. Furthermore, to compare relative frequencies of accident types with corresponding types of critical behaviour and conflicts
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SWOV, Leidschendam

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