Virtual Reality tool for Human-Machine Interface evaluation and development (VRHEAD)

Aldea, A.; Tinga, A.M.; Zeumeren, I.M. van; Nes, N. van; Aschenbrenner, D.

Higher levels of vehicle automation come with new challenges for designing safe systems. The Human Machine-Interface (HMI) plays a key role in mediating the interaction between the human driver and vehicle automation. By providing the driver with appropriate feedback, the HMI has the potential to increase mode awareness and situational awareness. For the development of appropriate HMI solutions, usability assessments are essential. Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technology enables researchers and designers to construct realistic virtual prototypes and immersive evaluation scenarios with less time and resources. The current study presents a VR evaluation tool called VRHEAD, which is designed to facilitate an iterative design process and support the rapid implementation of virtual prototypes to evaluate of an automated vehicle’s HMI. Initial results indicate that VRHEAD is a promising approach for the rapid implementation and evaluation of design concepts. The use of VR tools, like VRHEAD, can reduce the time and costs associated with developing high-fidelity prototypes and provide more flexibility in modifying a design according to new research findings, thus broadening the exploration of the HMI design space.

Published in
2022 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 4-9 June 2022, Aachen

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