How often are children not properly restrained in cars and how dangerous is this?


In the Netherlands, the use of child restraint seats in cars is mandatory for children up to 135 cm in height. In 2018, research by VeiligheidNL (SafetyNL) among 470 children aged 0-8 showed that 83% of the children were not appropriately transported by car: meaning they were not correctly restrained in a child restraint seat or even that these seats were not at all used for children smaller than 135 cm [13]. Of the seats used, 7% did not have the correct size (too big or too small) and 49% had not been correctly installed. 59% of the children were not properly restrained in their seats.

Unsecure fastening of child restraint seats may reduce their effectiveness and thus lead to an increased injury risk in crashes [15] [18] [19] [20]. Belgian research showed, for instance, that for a third of the children transported in a safety system, the effectiveness of the system was seriously diminished or even no longer existent [15].

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