What are important causes of crashes involving children?


In the years 2008-2017, most road deaths among children occurred when they crashed with a car while cycling (21%) or walking (16%) and when they crashed with a lorry while cycling (14%). Also see the question Which modes of transport result in most casualties among children? It is, however, unknown what and who caused these crashes. When children get seriously injured in crashes, often no motor vehicles are involved (see SWOV fact sheet Serious road injuries in the Netherlands).

Less serious crashes which did result in visits to an emergency room, mostly proved to be crashes without involvement of any other road user [11]. 86% of the children aged 0-12 that visited an emergency room after a crash were involved in bicycle crashes. Among 0-3-year-olds, the most frequent cause of the crash was entrapment between spokes (53% of the casualties). Among 4-12-year-olds, the most frequent cause was a fall from a bicycle (38%), although entrapment between spokes also occurred (25%).

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