What is the effect of the Dutch primary school traffic test?


The road safety effect of the primary school traffic test, organised by the Dutch road safety organisation VVN, is unknown.

The VVN traffic test is the conclusion of a continuous road safety curriculum in primary education [32] and tests the learning goals defined for group 7 and 8. It consists of a theory test and a practical cycling test for pupils in group 7 or 8 of primary school. The theory test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions about situations in their roles as pedestrians, cyclists and passengers. For the practical test, pupils cycle a pre-set route and volunteers assess whether the pupils are demonstrating safe conduct using a checklist. For more information, see examen.vvn.nl.

The road safety effect of the aforementioned road safety curriculum with the concluding traffic test has not been studied. However, the Dutch educational assessment organisation Cito does analyse the validity of the theory questions every year and an external agency investigates (bi)annually) what pupils think about the VVN traffic test and the practice tools and how they could be improved [8].

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