How is traffic education for adults organised?


Traffic education for (young) adults takes place largely in the form of theoretical and practical driver training for the various means of transport ((light) moped, car, motorcycle – see SWOV fact sheet Driver training and driving tests). Commercial transport requires a specific driving license (C or D) and specific driver training and refresher training, such as the taxi driver training and Code 95 for truck and bus drivers.

There are also several courses (practical and online) for specific target groups. They mainly concern training and information targeting young adults on the one hand and seniors on the other. These types of activities are always voluntary, with the exception of the educational measures for offenders (see the question What is the effect of the educational measures EMG and (L)EMA?).

Team Alert targets secondary school pupils and young adults and has also developed several educational projects. These are offered in schools and have themes such as cyclist traffic risks [11], drink driving [12] and hazard perception [13].

The Dutch road safety organisation VVN offers various (refresher) courses for seniors [14], ], for example to promote road safety knowledge, courses for motorists, for (pedelec) cyclists and for mobility scooter riders (see the question What is the effect of refresher courses for seniors?). The Doortrappen (keep pedalling) programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management also targets seniors, with the aim of enabling them to cycle as long and as safely as possible (see the question What is What is the effect of 'Doortrappen'?). The Fietsersbond (Dutch Cyclists’ Union) has its own cycling school which offers courses to children and seniors, and also to new Dutch citizens such as migrants, asylum seekers and expats [15].

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Traffic education

By traffic education we mean all educational activities aimed at positively influencing road user behaviour. The activities are mainly aimed at Meer

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