Does introducing a speed limit for bicycle tracks make sense?


On bicycle/moped tracks, a speed limit for mopeds already applies: 30 km/h in the urban area and 40 km/h in the rural area. A light moped is a moped that is allowed to go at a maximum speed of 25 km/h (and that should have a corresponding construction speed), on bicycle tracks as well. A speed limit for all types of vehicles on bicycle tracks could help limit speed differences, but whether this is feasible and enforceable remains to be seen. To enable the introduction of this measure, speedometers for bicycles should become mandatory, as they already are for (light) mopeds. Considering the track records of light mopeds, the extent to which this maximum speed will be complied with and whether it will be enforceable is doubtful. After enforcement of the speed limit of 25 km/h had been stepped up in Amsterdam in 2013, the speed of 85% of light-moped riders was 39 km/h [51].

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