How does the age and gender distribution in the Netherlands compare to that elsewhere?


When comparing the age and gender distribution of the road deaths in the Netherlands to this distribution in the five European countries with the lowest mortality rates (see the question How does the Dutch number of road deaths compare to the numbers elsewhere? ), a more varied picture emerges. Of these countries, the Netherlands has the highest mortality rate for women aged over 50 and men aged over 65. The difference in mortality rate for the male over-65s is particularly remarkable. In the Netherlands, the relatively high mortality rate of older people is related to the popularity of cycling among this group and the associated high injury risk. In addition, compared to most other countries, the Dutch number of mobility scooter users is fairly large; the annual number of fatalities among mobility scooter riders amounts to 30-40. For the other road user groups, the Dutch scores are mid-range.

Figure 8. Number of road deaths per million inhabitants by age group and gender, in the top five countries and in the Netherlands. Averages 2015-2018 (Norway: 2014-2017). Sources: Statistics Netherlands and CARE (deaths), Eurostat (population), consulted October 2020.

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Dutch road safety in an international perspective

This fact sheet considers road safety in the Netherlands from an international perspective.

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