What rules and regulations do systems need to comply with?


Dutch vehicles need to comply with European requirements, particularly with those concerning safety and the environment. The requirements are determined by agreement between the EU member states, and may also involve (major) economic interests. This agreement and these requirements lead to safer cars. A Norwegian study [8] arrives at a 4% annual reduction in fatalities and serious injuries, but a higher reduction is also possible. Mid-May 2018, The European Commission proposed a number of new requirements, including an advisory ISA (intelligent speed adaptation), facilitation of an alcohol lock, detection (monitoring) of fatigue and distraction, and an in-vehicle Event Data Recorder [9]. These proposals were based on a study of the cost-benefit ratio of these measures [10].

EuroNCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) was introduced in 1997 by the European Consumers’ Organisation, including the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB. It contains additional requirements to increase vehicle safety ratings. Vehicles may score up to five stars for different elements. These elements are: driver assistance systems (‘safety assists’), the safety of car occupants, the safety of children as car occupants, and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. Concerning driver assistance systems, the focus is currently on the operation and effectiveness of intelligent seat belt reminders (SBR), speed assist (a kind of ISA), autonomous emergency brake (AEB, works outside urban areas), and a lane support system [11]. Manufacturers make their cars safer and appear to aspire to maximum EuroNCAP scores for (preferably) all elements. The organisation has announced that, thanks to impact tests, 78.000 lives have been saved [12].

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