What is a moped or light moped?


Mopeds and light mopeds are two-wheeled vehicles that are equipped with an internal combustion engine with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 cc or an electric motor with a maximum power not exceeding 4 kW). A moped has a maximum construction speed of 45 km/h and must have a yellow license plate [1]. The light moped is legally placed in the category mopeds and has many of the same properties. However, the maximum legal construction speed of the light moped is only 25 km/h and this vehicle must have a blue license plate [1].

Mopeds and light mopeds come in different models. On the scooter model the rider sits with the legs next to each other, on the bike model the rider’s legs are placed on either side of the vehicle. A scooter can be a moped, a light moped or even a motorcycle. However, in the Netherlands the term often refers to a light moped.

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Moped and light-moped riders

Moped and light-moped riders are at relatively high risk of being a crash casualty.

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