Can visibility be improved with fluorescent vests or (special) lighting?


De Craen et al. [19] conclude that it is not so much light or reflective clothing that can increase the visibility of motorcyclists, but particularly the contrast with the environment. Research by Gershon, Ben-Asher & Shinar [31] came to a similar conclusion. In an urban environment with a varied and multi-coloured background a motorcyclist was more conspicuous in white or reflective clothing, and in a rural setting, where the background mainly consisted of a blue sky, the motorcyclist wearing black was more easily noticed.

Research into alternative light systems for motorcyclists, such as the T-configuration of Rößger et al. [32] and the flashing light system of Gershon & Shinar [30], have shown that motorcyclists using the alternative light systems were more rapidly recognized as such, but that this effect disappears over time.

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In 2015, 47 motorcyclists died in traffic in the Netherlands.

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