How many crashes involve pedelecs and speed pedelecs?



In 2020, the number of fatalities among cyclists amounted to 229. As was the case in 2019, almost one in three of them had been riding a pedelec at the time of the crash [11] [12]. Since bicycle type is not known for all of the cyclists killed, this number should be considered a lower limit; possibly, more of the fatalities were pedelec riders [13]. The share of pedelec fatalities is higher for older cyclist casualties and seems to grow as age increases [14].

In 2020, 68% (about 12,000) of the serious road injuries registered in hospital (about 19,700) were cyclists [15]. How many of them were pedelec riders cannot be ascertained [15].

Speed pedelecs

The number of crashes with and casualties among speed pedelec riders is unknown, because crash database (BRON) does not distinguish between speed pedelecs and (light) mopeds.

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Pedelecs and speed pedelecs

In 2020, over a quarter of the total number of bicycle kilometres were cycled on pedelecs; particularly the over-65s opt for pedelecs. This is also Meer

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