Which road users are pedestrians and where are they allowed to walk?


A pedestrian is a road user that does not drive or ride a vehicle. According to the Dutch Traffic Code (Reglement Verkeersregels en Verkeerstekens (RVV)), pedestrian traffic regulations also apply to:

  • Occupants of disability vehicles using the pavement or footpath or crossing from one pavement or footpath to the next;
  • Pedestrians that are pushing a motorcycle, moped or bicycle, and those that are propelling themselves forward by means of objects other than vehicles[i].

Pedestrians are allowed to use bicycle tracks, bicycle/moped tracks, pavements or footpaths. They are only allowed to use the carriageway when being part of a column, a parade or a funeral procession. Pedestrians are also allowed to use the roads of a home zone or shopping precinct across its full width.

[i] Objects other than vehicles are scooters, skateboards and suchlike.

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