Which countermeasures may prevent road user aggression?


An important source of road user aggression is annoyance about traffic conditions (see the question What causes road user aggression? ). The risk of annoyance, and (therefore) road user aggression, may be reduced by (infrastructural) measures that help traffic flow smoothly without impediments or conflicts [6] [7] [60]. An example is the Amsterdam measure to no longer allow light mopeds on the bicycle track [61]. Visible police presence also reduces aggressive road user behaviour [62].

Individually, road user aggression may be reduced by diminishing someone’s tendency to experience anger in traffic. In a review article about possible interventions for anger in traffic, Deffenbacher [8] concludes that promising psychotherapeutic programmes, among which mindfulness training, may reduce anger behind the wheel. It would be useful to ascertain which potentially effective treatment of aggressive (road user) behaviour could be introduced in the Netherlands, for example as part of a community service sentence or alternative sentence.

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