What is the target for the number of road casualties?


Currently, no target has been set for the Netherlands (yet). However, the minister does aim for 0 road casualties in 2050 [6].

The United Nations and the European Union did set targets for the maximum number of road deaths in the near future. Both organisations extended the earlier 50% reduction target dating from 2010, which set the goal of halving the number of road deaths by 2030 compared to the previous 10 years (2019 [i] for the EU [7]; 2021 for the UN [8]). Applying these targets to the Netherlands would mean a maximum number of around 300-350 road deaths in 2030 [ii]. In mid-2021, a motion by Member of Parliament Geurts was passed to adopt the international target in the Netherlands and aim for a 50% reduction of the number of road casualties by 2030 [9]. An exploratory study [10] concludes that this reduction, even with additional measures, is out of reach. The number of road casualties, especially serious road injuries, is instead expected to rise sharply by 2030 [10].

[i] In early 2022, the EC decided to take 2019 as the base year instead of 2020; this is because of the effect of COVID-19 measures on road deaths in several countries.

[ii] Note: The European Union uses the police-reported figures provided by the EU countries themselves. The Dutch government uses the Road Death Statistics from Statistics Netherlands (real numbers).

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Road deaths in the Netherlands

In 2022, there were 745 road deaths in the Netherlands, 163 more than in 2021. This implies that the number of road deaths reverted to pre-2009 Meer

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