How frequent are roadwork crashes?


It is unknown how many crashes currently occur during roadworks. Since 2010, the registration of roadwork crashes has not been reliable. In 1987-2004, the share of roadwork crashes on national roads was fairly stable (3.0-5.3% of all crashes on national roads). Along with reduced registration of mainly non-fatal crashes, this share decreased to 2.6-4.2% in 2005-2009 (bron: BRON).

Previous SWOV research [25] showed that, in 1987-2006, an annual average of 193 serious crashes occurred at roadwork locations (Figure 3). The number of roadwork crashes obviously depends on how often roadworks are in progress and over what road length; These data are not systematically recorded.

Fig. 3

Figure 3. Number of registered severe injury crashes at roadwork locations in 1987-2006 [25].

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