The road ahead

26 voices for safe and sustainable mobility
United Nations

In 2021 as the world launched its Second Decade of Action for Road Safety (2021-2030), the United Nations Road Safety Fund seized the opportunity and responded to ensure that world leaders, including the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, shared their vision and views on how to ensure success of the Decade’s ultimate goal to halve road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030.

Under the leadership of Nneka Henry, and with great thanks to Madeeha Bajwa, Anastasia Metzger, Chloe Marie Amiset and Anuja Shukla, this collection of essays is the result.

With thanks to Rob Eenink MSc, Dr. Saskia de Craen, Dr. Charlotte Bax, Sanne van Gils- Goedée, Ingrid van Schagen MSc, Govert Schermers MSc, Dr. Maura van Strijp and Dr. Wendy Weijermars this publication benefits from original research and analysis conducted by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research.

Bajwa, M.; Henry, N.; Shukla, A.
United Nations

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