Supervisory board (RvT)

The Board of Supervisors (RvT) determines the SWOV strategy and also decides on the following: budgets,financial reports, applications for grant of the target subsidy, multiannual financial plans and annual reports.

The Board of Supervisors meets four times per year and on 31 December 2017 consisted of the following members:

  • P.J. Biesheuvel
  • O.C.M. de Bruijn
  • M.M. de Jager
  • J.P. Schaaij
  • I.B. Schipper
  • E.T. Verhoef
  • J.M. de Vries

Observer for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment: R. Clabbers.

Annual report 2018

  1. Introduction
  2. SWOV in 2018
    Facts & Figures
    Special announcements
  3. Organization
    Organization diagram
    Personnel and organization
         - Supervisory board
         - Program Advisory board 
         - Scientific Advisory Board 
  4. Financial statements
    Financial summary