Research is teamwork: SWOV looks to establish connections by aligning itself with the interests of those involved and by opting for socially-oriented research topics. A large part of the SWOV research is subsidized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. In addition, SWOV also does a lot of important research for third parties. 

In 2018, SWOV carried out research for Interpolis, the Dutch Driving Test Organisation (CBR) and the province of Zuid-Holland, among others. In collaboration with the Fietsersbond (the Dutch Cyclists’ Union) and Veilig Verkeer Nederland (Dutch Traffic Safety Association), SWOV has set up (a road safety comparison site) with which municipalities can compare their level of road safety. On the 125th anniversary of the RAI Association, SWOV, together with the organization, mapped the most important historical developments in the field of cars and road safety on the website

A selection of our research for or in collaboration with others:

Annual report 2018

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  2. SWOV in 2018
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