Niels Bos, MSc, is SWOV specialist in the fields of data collection, data processing, data analysis, and knowledge systems. These concern crash data, exposure data and medical data (hospital admittance, A&E, ambulance) and medical encoding, such as ICD9, ICD10, Barell, AIS or Eurocost. This data facilitates research into injuries, consequences and burden of injuries (YLL, YLD, DALY) of road traffic fatalities and those injured. Niels is a member of IRTAD and contributes to several EU projects like ERSO, SafetyCube, Sustain, DaCoTA and SafetyNet, in which also international accident data from CARE/CADaS is analysed.

Niels Bos completed the study Experimental Physics at Leiden University. 



Data and analysis for policy
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