How many 30km/h zones are there in the Netherlands?


No recent data is available on the number of 30 km/h zones in the Netherlands, nor on the number of 30 km/h roads or the total road length.

The Start-up Programme Sustainable Safety has been a great stimulus for the realization of 30km/h zones [4].In 1998, when the Start-up Programme commenced, approximately 15% of the total urban road length had the 30 km/h zone layout. When the Start-up Programme (1998-2002) was concluded this percentage had increased from 45% early in 2003 to about 70% in 2008. The layout of the new 30km/h zones often is very sober with only a Zone 30 sign or speed reducing measures at ‘dangerous’ locations.

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30 km/h zones

A 30 km/h zone is also known as a ‘zone 30’ or a 'residential area'. The zone is mostly situated within an urban area and consists of… Meer

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