Which road users are casualties in crashes with an agricultural vehicle?


Casualties in crashes with an agricultural vehicle are largely among the crash opponent. Most casualties are cyclists and occupants of vans and passenger cars (see Table 2). The share of cyclists is highest among the road deaths (32% of the fatalities in the period 2010-2015 were cyclists). During the period 2005-2009[i], occupants of vans and passenger cars among the serious road injuries formed the highest share (35%). The share of drivers and possible passengers of the agricultural vehicle is much lower (10% of deaths during the period 2010-2015 and 13% of the serious road injuries during the period 2005-2009).

Table 2. Registered numbers of road deaths and serious road injuries (MAIS 2+) in the periods 2005-2009 and 2010-2015[i], in crashes involving an agricultural vehicle. Sources: IenM; SWOV (based on LMR - DHD and BRON - IenM) . [NB=unknown].

During the period 2010-2015, the drivers of the agricultural vehicles involved in a fatal crash are all male. About 11% of them are younger than 18 years old, ca. 18% are between 18 and 24 years old and 70% is older than 24 years of age (see Figure 1). In this period no females drove an agricultural vehicle involved in a fatal crash. Because the distance travelled by male or female drivers in these age groups is unknown, we cannot determine whether specific groups of drivers have a higher risk.

Figure 1. Age distribution of a total of 61 drivers of agricultural vehicles involved in fatal crashes, registered in the period 2010-2015. In this period no women were registered as driver of an agricultural vehicle involved in a fatal crash (source: IenM).

[i] The number of serious road injuries in the period 2010-2015 is unknown, because since 2009 the number of casualties by mode of transport cannot reliably be determined.

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