How many children are killed or get seriously injured in Dutch traffic?


In 2018, 19 road deaths occurred in the age category 0-14. By contrast: in the years 1996-2000, 65 children were annually killed in traffic. In recent decades, children’s road safety has greatly improved, although the decrease in road deaths seems to have stagnated in the last few years. Figure 1 provides an overview of the number of road deaths among children in the last 22 years.

According to hospital data (LBZ), the share of children among registered seriously injured road users relative to other[i].

Figure 1. The number of road deaths among children aged 0-14 in the years 1996-2018. Source: CBS .

[i] Since the number of seriously injured road users in 2018 was still unknown at the time of publishing this fact sheet, the figures for 2017 were used.

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Children aged 0-14

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