How do road crash costs in the Netherlands compare to costs elsewhere?


In Europe, road crash costs range from 0.4% (Ireland) to 4.1% (Latvia) of the gross domestic product. With 2.2% (€ 17 billion in 2018) the Netherlands is one of the countries with relatively high costs (see SWOV fact sheet Road crash costs). Wijnen et al. [11] [12] observe that the differences in road crash costs between European countries partly depend on the calculation method used. Countries that use the so-called ‘willingness to pay’ method (the amount people are willing to pay for a certain crash risk reduction) report substantially higher cost estimates than countries that do not use this method [11]. In calculating crash costs, four European countries (the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland) also take unreported crashes into account, while 17 other European countries do not [11] [12]. See SWOV fact sheet Road crash costs for more information about these costs in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

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Dutch road safety in an international perspective

This fact sheet considers road safety in the Netherlands from an international perspective.

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