Which measures are possible to counter repeat offending?


When it comes to multiple offences and the best approach to repeat offenders, a combination of person-oriented measures is needed. On the basis of a literature study, Hoekstra thus concludes [63]; p. 36) “Repeat offenders seem relatively insensitive to simply stricter measures such as fines and licence suspension and more sensitive to a combination of measures, such as a rehab programme coupled with cognitive behavioural therapy, or an Intense Supervision Programme combining multiple measures such as supervision, probationary period, and therapy, or enforced car sale and licence suspension.”

According to Kuiken et al. [64], potentially effective measures specifically aimed at repeat offenders – ‘notorious traffic offenders’- are:

  • Sending a message to notorious offenders that police and public prosecution service have registered them as repeat offenders.
  • Having personal conversations with repeat offenders concerning their road user behaviour.
  • Using extra sanctions: confiscation of the vehicle.
  • Restricting specific driver behaviour by means of in-vehicle devices such as an alcohol lock and ISA.
  • Having an on-board unit monitor driver behaviour of repeat offenders.
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