What is the effect of strong wind?


Traffic participation in strong winds can be very dangerous. This is especially true for crosswinds and sudden gusts of wind, and particularly for (unladen) trucks, passenger cars with trailers or caravans and two-wheelers. Strong winds make it harder to control vehicles, and trucks and trailers may tip over. Strong winds may also lead to broken branches and other loose objects and even fallen trees on the road. A timely response is often impossible.

Recent general quantitative information on the road safety effect of strong winds is not available. A somewhat older literature review [11] shows that the road safety effect of wind was only sparingly studied in the past and what research was done, did not lead to consistent conclusions either.

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The impact of the weather

In general, crash risk is higher in bad weather than in good weather. Adverse weather conditions are mainly rain, snow/hail, fog, strong winds, Meer

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