SWOV research aims to improve road safety. By doing research into, for example, safe road shoulders, an analysis of road safety in the previous year or the further development of a vision on road safety (3rd edition of Sustainable Safety), ultimately, we hope to prevent crashes, reduce injuries and save lives.

A substantial part of our research is carried out within an annual research programme agreed upon with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. SWOV also carries out research projects for provincial, regional and local governments and for other national and international clients. Generally, the research findings are published in a report and/or in a paper for a scientific journal.

A selection of our research published in 2018

Overview of all SWOV publications in 2018.

A selection of scientific and professional journal papers published in 2018 

Overview of all scientific and professional journal papers in 2018.

Annual report 2018

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  2. SWOV in 2018
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