Special announcements

SWOV works from home

Due to the measures to reduce the COVID19 virus, SWOV had to close the office on March 13 and mainly worked from home. With the help of the various online options, most of the work could be continued without major problems. Some research projects, such as research with the driving simulator, requiring people to physically be at SWOV, were stopped.

Data protection at SWOV: ISO certification and GDPR

In the summer, SWOV successfully passed the recertification audit for the ISO27001 and NEN7510 standards. SWOV remains committed to further improvements in information security. ISO27001 is the general standard for information security and NEN7510 is the Dutch standard for information security in healthcare. SWOV wants to underline its quality awareness by complying with international information security standards.

Nicole van Nes appointed as professor at TU Delft

On September 1, 2020, Dr Nicole van Nes has been appointed full professor 'Human Centered Design for Smart Mobility' in the department Human-Centered Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. As a professor, Nicole will focus on research into the design of the interaction between road users and technology in new forms of mobility. At SWOV Nicole van Nes is head of the department ‘Human Factors and Vehicle Automation’. She coordinates the research on how road users interact with new technologies, with which their own and other vehicles are increasingly equipped.

PhD defense of SWOV researcher Angelique Tinga

SWOV researcher Angelique Tinga obtained her PhD at Tilburg University on the 16th of September. She defended her thesis Assessment of learning through non-invasive neurophysiological measures.

She started her PhD research at Tilburg University before she joined SWOV. She currently works in the 'Human Factors and Vehicle Automation' department at SWOV. The research aimed to combine several advanced technologies and techniques to answer relevant theoretical questions in the fields of psychology and cognitive science.

NVVC2020 completely online

Due to the COVID19 measures, the biennial National Road Safety Congress NVVC took place online on 26 November. In this well-assessed online variant, some 350 road safety professionals exchanged knowledge and experiences, including a relatively large number of municipal officials. The this edition focused on the implementation of the Road Safety Strategic Plan (SPV). Also, the National Road Safety Prize was awarded to NEXTdriver.

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