Sander van der Kint, MSc, performs research into traffic behaviour, alcohol and drug use in traffic, and submerged vehicle crashes.
Robert Louwerse, MSc, is a specialist in the field of in-depth research into road crashes and the relationship between road design and road safety.
Celina Mons, MSc, conducts research into traffic behaviour and the interaction between humans and (semi) automated vehicles.
Prof. Dr Nicole van Nes is research manager of the department ‘Human Factors in Vehicle Automation’ and the coordinator of the European project MEDIATOR.
Dr Jaap Oude Mulders studies how societal developments affect road safety.
Jan Hendrik van Petegem, MSc, focuses on the development of practical knowledge on the relation between road design and road safety.
Ingrid van Schagen, MSc, is a researcher and project manager and involved in many activities in the field of traffic behaviour and traffic behaviour modification.
Govert Schermers, ME, is a researcher and project manager and specializes in the fields of, the safe system approach and road design.
Dr Agnieszka Stelling is a project manager and an expert in road user behaviour, in particular distraction in traffic, behaviour of speed pedelec-riders and the role of auditory information in risk perception.
Teun Uijtdewilligen, MSc, investigates road safety for cyclists in the scope of infrastructure,  particularly in urban areas.