Meeting of the Trendline General Assembly in Prague

Over 50 Trendline project participants joined the General Assembly Meeting in Prague on 22 and 23 February. The meeting was organized by CDV and covered three main topics:

  • Status of the data collection for the eight “traditional” road safety KPIs in the different countries;
  • Integration of road safety KPIs in national road safety strategies and action plans;
  • Status of the design and specifications for the 10 new experimental indicators being considered.

With 23 presentations and discussions spread over the two days, it was a very enriching experience for all participants. It gave confidence for the next steps to be undertaken. Final results of the project will be delivered by the middle of 2025.

SWOV delegates speaking at the conferences were Agnieszka Stelling (conference chair), Wouter Van den Berghe, Letty Aarts and Sander van der Kint.

About Trendline

Trendline is an EU-supported project that brings together 29 European countries for designing and implementing common methodologies for data collection and analysis for road safety key performance indicators (KPIs).