Peter van der Knaap announces his departure from SWOV

Dr Peter van der Knaap, managing-director of SWOV - Institute for Road Safety Research, announced his departure from SWOV on 1 September 2021: he will become director of the International Research & Policy Evaluation Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, succeeding Dr Wendy Asbeek Brusse, the current director. IOB conducts independent research and policy evaluation and thus makes an indispensable contribution to knowledge about Dutch foreign policy, development cooperation and foreign trade.

Peter has thoroughly enjoyed working at SWOV since May 2013. Over the past eight years he has had the pleasure of enabling SWOV's growth as one of the world's leading scientific research institutes in the field of road safety: “We have conducted innovative and impactful research on bicycle safety, safe roads, behaviour, vehicle innovation, and traffic enforcement. We have collaborated with national and international partners. SWOV is in a strong organizational and financial position. I will greatly miss the expertise, collegiality and commitment of all SWOV staff and will continue to follow the developments in the field of road safety, both national and, of course, international.”