Akzeptanz und Verkehrssicherheit des Radverkehrs im Mischverkehr auf Hauptverkehrsstraßen

[Acceptance and road safety of cycling in mixed traffic on main roads]
Schüller, H.; Niestegge, M.; Hantschel, S.; Kühn, B.; Gerike, R.; Huber, S.


It is not possible to build cycle facilities along all roads, mainly due to the available cross-section widths. For streets with mixed traffic without advisory cycle lanes, it is asked how safe guidance in mixed traffic is for cycling, where cycling in mixed traffic is implemented and how this guidance is accepted. The present study focuses on streets with cycling in mixed traffic without advisory cycle lanes. Streets with cyclists being allowed to cycle on the sidewalk and streets with presence of cycle tracks without obligation to use or sharrows are excluded from this study. The object of investigation are street sections of main streets in urban areas, limited by two main junctions. The investigated street sections contain minor junctions. Areas in the approach to main junctions are considered separately in the accident analysis. The scope of this study includes an accident analysis on macroscopic level, a workshop with municipal representatives including a survey and the analysis of traffic volumes and factors influencing the acceptance in relation with the accident occurrence on the street sections. Additional static and dynamic video observations, onside surveys of cyclists and a pilot study on safety-relevant route selection serve analyses of behaviour. For a sample of 139 investigation sites (plus 14 sites from external surveys), street layout characteristics as well as traffic volumes of cycling, walking and motorised traffic were compared and evaluated. As a result, the acceptance of cycling in mixed traffic, conspicuous deviations in accident occurrence and the behavior of the cyclists and motorists were investigated. This also includes the identification of frequent conflict situations and design characteristics that result in accidents separately for routes and minor junctions. In conclusion, measures to improve the acceptance and road safety of cycling in mixed traffic were discussed.

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Berichte der Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, Reihe V: Verkehrstechnik
20230047 ST [electronic version only]
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Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen BASt, Bergisch Gladbach

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